BFA Entry Process

Entry Guide

1. Click 'Enter Now'.

2. Create an account and login. Please make a note of your password.

3. Click the 'please select an item' drop down list. You should then see the list of categories.

4. Select the category you want to enter and the click the green 'add selected' button.

5. You should now see the entry form. Complete the entry form.

6. Repeat steps above if you are entering multiple categories. All entries you want to submit should be in your 'basket'. (You can 'save for later' if you are not ready to submit at this stage).

7. When you are ready to submit, scroll to the bottom and click 'continue'.

8. Fill in your personal details.

9. Review your entries, and then click 'complete'.

10. Done! You have successfully entered the British Farming Awards 2024!

What happens next?

Following the closure of the awards entry period, our expert judges will score all entries and nominations to produce a shortlist per category. If you're successfully selected for the shortlist you will be contacted by a member of the British Farming Awards team to advise on the next steps. All entries that unfortunately do not place for the shortlist will be contacted to be advised of this. All shortlisted entries will be invited for a interview with our expert judges on the 15th August 2024, this interview will be done via a video call. The final placing of the shortlist is announced on the 17th October 2024 at the British Farming Awards.