Shearwell Data

Shearwell Data provides a complete solution

Shearwell’s reputation is for quality products for the livestock farmer.  Our sheep and cattle tags have extremely high retention rates and this is backed up by the unique offer of free replacement tags for the life of the animal. Based on a working farm the company prides itself in its knowledge of the industry, its fast efficient service, excellent customer service and its competitive prices.

Shearwell was one of the pioneers of Electronic Identification (EID) in livestock, conducting trials in 1994 for both beef and sheep. This knowledge base has given the company in depth knowledge of EID. Shearwell sets itself apart from others by supporting the full range of equipment, giving the customer added value, as they know there is back-up when buying Shearwell products.

Shearwell provides a complete solution with a range of readers, recording equipment, software and apps to cater for all requirements.  The Stick Reader stores lists of animals to download to your PC for printing and attaching to movement documentation. Shearwell has also developed StockMove Express, a free app for Android mobiles and Apple iPhones, which retrieves individual or batch data from the Stick Reader and saves them in a free to use online holding register (www.nlmd-lt.co.uk). This online database is being used by farmers, collection centres and abattoirs as their preferred interface to ARAMS – offering a far simpler and more user-friendly solution with the convenience of having your animal data in your pocket.

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