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Richard Baxter

Blockstem, Derwent Lock & Security, West Midlands

As tractors and machinery get ever more expensive, preventing them from being stolen has never been more paramount. To address this, West Midlands-based company Derwent Lock and Security has come up with a device to prevent any would be thieves from being able to steer the tractor, thus stopping any theft.

Block Stem is a two-part device made of hard steel which clamps around the steering ram of any tractor. Once the steering has been turned fully either left or right, Block Stem can be fitted to the fully extended ram.

It is held in place by a lock, and as well as providing a physical anti-theft device, the product is also a visual deterrent.

A key is used to unlock the device, which comes with its own bag for storage. The company is considering the production of a bracket to store the device on the tractor. You also get a sticker in the cab to remind you to take it off, and spares keys can be ordered if necessary.

Block stem is Thatcham Certified and comes in 40 different sizes. It can also be used on mini diggers, whereby it is fitted to the dozer blade’s ram. This is fitted after the blade has been fully pushed down, raising the digger off its tracks.

The devices are made in Italy, with final assembly carried out in the UK. They can be ordered directly from Derwent Lock and Security, and the firm is currently setting up a number of distributors. Prices range from £260 to £380. Insurance discounts of up to 40 per cent are said to be offered by some companies, to those using the device. John Deere and JCB have approved the device, which comes with a five year warranty.