Kubota is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and agricultural equipment and is celebrated the world over for its product quality, reliability, robustness and excellent after sales service. Kubota’s diesel engines are at the heart of its complete agricultural tractor range and are widely regarded as being the best on the market.

Kubota has significantly invested in growing its agricultural product range, most recently with the launch of its innovative M7002 Series tractors. This follows an investment by the Kubota Corporation of over in its European tractor production facility for the higher HP machines.

Kubota’s Series is the cleanest, most technical and powerful tractor the company has ever built. Manufactured to fulfil the stringent requirements of large-scale upland farming across the European and North American agricultural markets, it is available in three models from 130HP to 170HP (M7132, M7152 and M7172).

The introduction of the new higher horsepower tractors marks the beginning of the next phase in the company’s continued progression up the horsepower categories, which is key to company’s wider goal of becoming a leading brand in the sector over the next decade.

The addition of the M7002 Series complements the brand’s existing agricultural product range, which includes its L and GL Series, M5 Series, M5Narrow series and MGX Series tractors; in addition to a comprehensive selection of Kubota-made attachments

In line with its commitment to grow its agricultural division, Kubota has made some key acquisitions in the last few years, firstly with the purchase of the Kverneland Group in 2012.