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Katie Anderson

Muddy Boots Farm, Essex

First generation farmer Katie offers hands-on experience on her farm to help educate children where food comes from, how to care for animals and look after the environment.

Hailing from a non-farming background and a family of office-based workers, she didn’t get into farming until four years ago when she started working for a farmer who has a cafe and several holiday lets on his farm. Today she is now the business manager of that farm alongside opening up Muddy Boots which she co-runs with her partner.

Keen to appeal to different audiences, she is present across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and has started a blog to offer other ways to connect.

Her Instagram consists of photographs taken throughout the day on the farm and when she is with children, which is then fed back to her online gallery on her website. Facebook is her most useful tool, generating bookings though parents of young children who have seen her educational sessions, an area that has helped grow visitor numbers via her digital presence and word of mouth.

Despite a U grade in ICT at GCSE, Katie has taught herself how to develop her website and has achieved a distinct design style without external help.

In the future, she will continue to prioritise and develop her digital presence and hopes to develop an ordering system for her free-range pork, lamb, turkey and eggs.