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Hannah Morgan

The Wife Behind the Farmer, Bentley House Farm, Worcestershire

Running a tenanted mixed farm in Worcestershire, Hannah Morgan began her blog, The Wife Behind the Farmer, in a bid to help diversify the business and bring more opportunities their way.

Her website was a way to reach out and connect to other women within agriculture and provide them with a space and voice to speak about their lifestyle.

Her following has grown significantly over the years and it is through creating a network for rural women to connect that she and her blog have received an incredible number of followers, herself admitting that she defines success as being able to help women boost their profile and businesses.

The Wife Behind the Farmer has enabled Hannah to branch out in to other agricultural areas, having now written for a number of publications and is also an ambassador for numerous small British companies.

Raising awareness

She is passionate about being a positive advocate for women who may feel unseen or unheard and wants to shed some light on the hard work that goes on behind the farm door – the paperwork, the family life and the running of the business.

She is clear in her mission that although she writes about farming, many of her followers aren’t from the same background and it is a chance to spread awareness about food production, animal welfare and the good and bad experiences farming families have to go through.

The family have also just been awarded a LEADER grant to change one of their barns in to a dog day care.