2017 silver Georgina Gater-Moore


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Georgina Gater-Moore

Harper Adams University

Inspired by her mother, who worked as a shepherdess, Georgina’s passion for the industry was ignited as she helped lamb growing up.

With a keen interest in writing, she secured a placement with The Shooting Times in London and cemented her desire to continue writing within agriculture.

Using money from a work placement, her 18th birthday and sales from her first lambs, she has established her own flock to 20 breeding ewes with 15 lambs at foot.

She continues to expand her flock crossing pedigree Jacobs with Texel to balance taste with a speedier growth rate and has secured work with the farmer she bought her first eight ewes from.

Entering into her third year, she has begun a 12-month placement with ABC Comms to develop her passion for writing.

She has her own blog and regularly writes for agricultural publications. In April 2017, she created @YoungFarmersoftheUK on Twitter to showcase the voice of UK’s Young Farmers and those wishing to enter the industry.

Social media

She encourages young farmers to take over and run the account on a weekly basis, and is booked up eight weeks in advance, although is always available to run the account.

It has proved popular, gaining 1,000 in the first few weeks and is popular with young farmers, teenagers, those from a non-farming background and older farmers who are keen to support the cause.

A member of the Women’s rugby team, she juggles her study with work on-farm. She hopes to continue writing to promote the industry and grow her flock and breeding pedigree sheep.

Georgina is keen to develop her flock of breeding ewes and spends a lot of time working with them – analysing which systems of grazing, feeding and tupping produced good results and how she can improve on the welfare of her flock while building a strong and viable business for the future.