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Emily Hickman

People in Ag UK, Denbighshire

Despite not coming from an agricultural background, Emily Hickman has taken every opportunity that has come her way in order to progress and excel within the industry.

A student at Harper Adams University, Emily has run her own blog, Life and the cows, for the past four years which has led her to writing for numerous agricultural publications.

It also inspired her to create her online magazine, People in Ag UK, which she juggled while studying for her final year at university.

Emily is a huge advocate of British farming and would like to inspire others to consider a career within the industry, despite whether they are from agriculture or not.

People in Ag UK is currently published quarterly, but she can see a future in the magazine.

Debunking myths

With a view to release an issue every six weeks Emily interviews key industry figures as well as profiling young farmers and hopes to break some of the myths that circulate about the sector.

From researching to designing the magazine herself, most of Emily’s time outside of education is taken up by People in Ag UK, but she has recently become a member of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists.

With future plans to work as a freelance journalist, Emily will continue to work within the poultry industry and gain as much experience across various roles.