ArmaTrac is the international brand name of Erkunt Tractor Industries Inc, a Turkish automotive company which has been manufacturing high-quality tractors since 2003. ArmaTrac tractors are designed by Turkish engineers and constantly developed based on farmers’ feedback in a constant cycle of research and development. ArmaTrac tractors are currently being produced with Perkins engines (UK), Deutz engines (Germany) and transmissions from ZF (Germany) and Carraro (Italy).Well known for their excellent fuel efficiency, high performance, and durability.

Each tractor makes its way from the factory to farmers’ fields by passing through an intensive quality control process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Thus, after being exported to Bulgaria in 2007 for the first time, it is no surprise that the ArmaTrac family has grown rapidly in a short amount of time, with its tailor-made designs and quality products in just 10 years. ArmaTrac, which has expanded its dealership network rapidly, has made its final agreement in Japan and increased the number of dealers spreading to 3 continents to 27– a number that is rapidly growing on farmers’ high demand.

With over 110 ArmaTrac models currently being produced, farmers will be able to find a model in the company’s portfolio for any challenging task, thus providing a great advantage for farmers with specific or varying needs.