Sponsored by: Massey Ferguson

Alex Moore

Fosse Farm, A. Moore, Leicestershire

Born into a non-farming family with a nurse and a hairdresser as parents, Alex caught the farming bug while helping out on a local dairy farm from the age of eight.

Alex gained practical experience in the industry after leaving Brooksby College and worked on a number of dairy farms as a general farm worker before becoming herd manager on a 240-cow herd.

Alex then went on to establish a cattle foot-trimming business and saved hard during this time, to allow him to accrue the capital needed to set up his own farm. In 2016 Alex secured a 15-year farm business tenancy in Leicestershire and he now milks 70 Holstein cattle on a three-times a day milking system.

His aim is to run a moderate input, moderate output system, while maximising milk from forage, operating a multi-cut silage system while growing Lucerne and maize. The herd has a 305 day average yield of 12,450kg and Alex manages the herd and all milkings alone with the help of his wife, Karen.

Alex has a keen eye for detail and the herd currently runs at 45 per cent conception to first service, six per cent cull rate, five per cent lameness and a cell count of 45,000/ml.

Alex is on a non-aligned contract with Muller-Wiseman and going forwards, he intends to bring 75 Jersey cows into the herd to produce a high quality, high value addition to complement the high output of the existing Holstein herd. Alex’s herd lies within Muller’s top three per cent of non-aligned customers based on overall performance after just two years in the industry.

In the future Alex hopes to become a mentor for other first-time entrants wishing to get into the farming industry.