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Family Farming Business of the Year

Sponsored by Morrisons

At the heart of many farms lie the families behind them who, through generations, have developed the business to help secure its place in years to come. You will be able to demonstrate a shared vision of where the business is going and who is responsible for the different areas core to the farm. You can identify short and long-term business challenges and work collectively to overcome them and develop new ideas and efficiencies to safeguard the farm’s future.

Word from the sponsor

Supporting British farming is important for our customers, and so it is important for us; we rely on British farming’s success. Supporting the British Farming Awards is one way of recognising the great work that goes on in the sector from many of the farmers we buy from every day. In fact, we work directly with more than 3,500 livestock farmers, produce growers and egg producers as well.

At Morrisons we prefer to deal directly with farmers because we believe this works best for both parties. We remain committed to developing strong and enduring relationships with British farmers, helping us to understand consumers better and work together to build long term sustainability.