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Dairy Innovator of the Year

With milk prices regularly hitting the headlines, our award will look to those dairy producers who are positive about the future of the industry and are working to build a successful and profitable enterprise. You will be striving to produce milk more efficiently, or perhaps instigating and developing change in core areas including production, health and welfare, nutrition and fertility.

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Word from the sponsor

At Dairymaster Innovation is our passion…

We use Science and Technology to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. Innovation is vital to provide sustainable food to the world’s growing population. Not only is it vitally important but it’s also our responsibility. Dairymaster has filed for over 95 patents to date! Looking at the future and the challenges ahead motivates us to innovate and innovation inspires us to continue building better products. We are delighted to sponsor the dairy innovator of the year and are really looking forward to giving recognition to the innovative hardworking farmers across the UK.

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