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Neil Fell

Nafferton Farm, N.R. Fell Mobile Sheep Dipping, Durham

Neil established a contract mobile sheep digging business in 2013 and has continued to build his business profile and growth.

Since his first year he has gone from dipping 2,500 sheep to more than 107,000 and has built up a customer base across the UK.

As a sheep farmer, Neil understands the constant threat from parasites and has raised awareness on the rise of sheep scab, working with vets and UK organisations to communicate the impact it has on animals, farmers and the environment if not addressed and controlled.

With all the units being completely mobile he can set up on any unit to reduce the stress on livestock being moved. A full service for farmers is provided from dipping the sheep to the removal of all waste dip from the farm.

He can also advise farmers on safe working practices on parasite control and help farmers to gain their accreditation in the safe use of sheep dip and vet medicines as he teaches these qualifications at York.


Customer service is key and Neil always makes sure he meets new clients and secures loyalty from existing customers by keeping in regular contact with them. This is reflected in recommendations from fellow industry professionals.

With the amount of sheep handled last year it was decided to significantly invest in new technology and modernise the dipping industry by designing the first fully mobile hydrolic cage dipper in the UK. This was done to help throughput per day from 1,200 sheep to more than 3,500 sheep a day.

In 2017, Neil has now started to manufacture the cage dipper and has already sold some to customers into Ireland, Wales and the UK.

Looking ahead, he plans to run three mobile units and will be able to handle more than 8,500 sheep/day at peak times.