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2016 Case study – The Gay family

WINNER CASE STUDY - THE GAY FAMILY FAMILY FARMING BUSINESS OF THE YEAR WINNER 2016 The Gay family business is multi-faceted and all encompassing. Third generation tenants Hugh and Celia are farming with their four children: Kirsty, 28; Naomi, 25; and twins will and Josh 22; with the boys now [...]

2016 Case study – Ben Anthony and Diana Fairclough

WINNER CASE STUDY - BEN ANTHONY AND DIANA FAIRCLOUGH SHEEP INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR WINNER 2016 Ben Anthony and Diana Fairclough are not afraid to make changes to their sheep enterprise and their decisions have benefited business and their own professional development. Ben Anthony and Diana Fairclough are not [...]

2016 Case study – Jonathan Boaz

WINNER CASE STUDY - JONATHAN BOAZ ARABLE INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR WINNER 2016 Combining innovation with tradition and sharing natural resources with wildlife is the approach favoured by Worcestershire farmer and last year’s Arable Innovator of the Year Jonathan Boaz. Jonathan Boaz likes to produce high yielding crops [...]

2016 Agricultural Student finalist – Laura Davidson

FINALIST FOR AGRICULTURAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: Kubota Laura Davidson Newcastle University DESPITE not coming from a farming background, Laura Davidson chose to study agriculture over veterinary science at university due to the possibility of making a significant impact on the sector. A second [...]

2016 Agricultural Student winner – Nicola Blowey

WINNER FOR AGRICULTURAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: Kubota Nicola Blowey Harper Adams University DURING her time at university Nicola Blowey has completed various practical courses, was a regular attendee of the university’s forums and debates, joined the women’s rugby team and was elected VIP [...]

2016 Arable Innovator finalist – David Walston

FINALIST FOR ARABLE INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: ADAMA David Walston Thriplow Farms, Thriplow Farms LTD, Cambridgeshire HAVING completed a Nuffield Scholarship on ‘improving yields and profits through improving soil’, David Walston has taken numerous measures to promote soil longevity via an integrated farm approach. [...]

2016 Arable Innovator winner – Jonathan Boaz

WINNER FOR ARABLE INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: ADAMA Jonathan Boaz Mill Farm, J.F. Boaz & Sons, Worchestershire AFTER experimenting with heating farmyard manure to kill weed seeds, Jonathan Boaz now produces large quantities of compost on-farm. As a result, his soil organic matter levels [...]

2016 Beef Innovator finalist – James Small

FINALIST FOR BEEF INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: FG Auction Finder James Small Warren Farm, Partner in Small Brothers, Somerset ADAPTING his system to suit his farm has been the key focus in recent years for James Small, who runs 120 suckler cows alongside 1,400 [...]

2016 Beef Innovator winner – Ben and Tori Stanley

WINNER FOR BEEF INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Sponsored by: FG Auction Finder Ben and Tori Stanley Park Farm, Tori & Ben's Farm, Derbyshire IT is just six years ago since Ben and Tori Stanley secured their first 16-hectare (40-acre) tenancy at Diseworth, Derbyshire. Ben says: “While [...]

2016 Contractor Innovator finalist – Oliver Arnold

FINALIST FOR CONTRACTOR INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Oliver Arnold Spring Farm, Spring Farm Partnership, Norfolk A FOCUS on treating staff well and doing a good job safely drives Norfolk contractor Oliver Arnold. His business, run with wife Hannah, started on the back of a beef finishing business. Cattle [...]